About Me

I have owned boats since 1986 and narrowboats since 1988-my own 50ft narrowboat is moored on the River Great Ouse. Following being laid off from my local marina  I started up as a sole trader in 1989 and have done so ever since. I have in this time fitted out new boats, refitted old boats and carried out all the usual repairs and modifications to narrowboats (and less so wooden boats these days) that you could imagine. And a good few that you probably wouldn’t.

From the first boat I moved commercially back in 2005 I have gone from being asked to move the odd boat occassionally to doing nothing but move boats and have both an extensive experience and love of boating on the inland waterways.

Why should you use me?

There are many reasons why you may need to use me, to name but a few-

  • Lack of time to get your boat to or from where you want
  • You need it to be at a brokerage to sell it
  • You have just bought it
  • Illness
  • Lack of confidence or ability
  • You just don’t want to

I believe I can offer you a first rate, professional and careful Narrowboat or Widebeam delivery service at a reasonable price. I have both private customers that have used me multiple times and several well known and first rate marinas/brokerages that use me either directly or recommend me regulary.

A 30 year plus boat repairing background and experience, together with the limited toolkit I always travel with, enables me to repair most things on the move that tend to go wrong as well as keeping vigilant ear/eyes out for any signs of failures before things go wrong.

I am fully insured for delivering any canal or river boat up to £3,000,000 Liability.

How do you know I’m competent and trustworthy?

I have included below a few testimonials from private individuals. These are all totally genuine and any of these can be easily verified. I have been careful in what details to post online in order to protect my clients privacy-please feel free to contact me should you like verification. I am always happy to give further references if required.

We hired PJ to move our wide beam from Priory Marina to Westview Marina and back.  The first thing he did was check the boat thoroughly to make sure he knew where everything was and that it was in good working order.  He stayed on schedule and made sure to communicate with us so that we knew his progress both on the outbound leg and return. Upon return he made sure the boat was moored properly and everything was operating as it should. 100% satisfied with the service and would highly recommend him.

Charlie and Cheryl

It was a pleasure doing business with you PJ, you did a brilliant job of moving Sienna, and I really appreciate all you did, many thanks. I would not hesitate to recommend you highly to anyone needing to, move their boat.

Many thanks for forwarding the pictures, they are very helpful.

Dave V (Moved from Kings Marina, Newark to Yelvertoft)

I asked PJ Marine services to move my boat from Daventry to Bedford Priory marina. The move took us 8 days during which PJ was professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

I have also asked PJ to look at a couple of small electrical, heating and plumbing issues, again PJ services were excellent.

I have no hesitation in recommending PJ Services. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. scr*******nk1@hotmail.co.uk

Sincerely S D Cr*******nk

The greatest part of my boat moving work comes from several reputable and well known brokerages/marinas that either use me directly or reccomend my services and are all well known and respected businesses that I would always personally recommend to fellow boaters.

Most of my recent moves (but not all as you can only post pictures of the same bit of canal so many times when doing my more regular runs) can be found on facebook. You do not need ‘to do’ facebook to view this and it will give you a better idea of the level of service, experience etc that  I offer.

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