Moving your boat

What I do

Every reasonable care and respect will always be given to your boat. From the way its skippered right down to all the fixtures, fittings and equipment.

Fenders (if present) will always be used when moored up and your boat will always be locked through with the utmost diligence.

I mainly leave Cratch covers on as they are fairly well protected but I will always remove rear canopies and framework and refit once delivered.

Boats are always left cleaned out internally and generally, depending on the length of move, cleaned on the outside too especially if it is wet and muddy out.

Before I set off I carry out basic checks of engine, gearbox, stern tube and the boat generally. These are also carried out on at least a daily basis. Any faults or maintenance required that is apparent will  be adjusted or repaired as necessary eg loose fan belts, fluid levels, stern tube greasers, packing etc

Any other less critical faults are generally notified and sorted out if possible before delivery. I have carried out many running repairs enroute from changing water pumps, repairs to macerator/ vacuflush toilets and pipes and tunnel lights to name but a few.

I will always ensure your boat arrives in at least as good condition as when I collected it.

I am also happy on delivery, to spend a bit of time going through the boat explaining the systems, how they work and where everything is. This will of course only be of interest to New or first time owners who may find this useful. I often get phone calls long after delivery with new queries about various equipment on clients boats.


Your Boat

Your boat should have enough diesel and gas for the trip; have a current and relevant licence(s), BSS certificate, Insurance and a waste tank that is at least not full. You should inform your insurance company that your boat is being delivered by a third party.

Any diesel, gas or licence (s) that may be required will be charged additionally to the quoted price.

I assume any boat I collect will be ‘ready to cruise’ and be equipped suitably with, at the very minimum, ropes long enough for locks, mooring pins, paper clips/chains, hammer, hosepipe and stern tube grease. A working headlight if the route passes through tunnels is appreciated! Some spare engine /gearbox oil is always wise too.

I would also expect and do assume  your boat to have, at the very least , basic services if the move is much more than a day. This should include heating (if wintertime), cooking facilities, toilet facilities and H & C water. I will and have moved part completed boats but some extra trips to drop off /collect equipment may be necessary and will only be done if arranged in advance.



If things go wrong

Should your boat develop any major fault or breakdown you will be notified immediately. This also applies to any unexpected stoppages.

If it is not possible to repair your boat or get moving again within a reasonable time scale I will , after discussing it with you, make and carry out any arrangements to ensure it is left safely to your satisfaction.

In the unlikely event of an accident you would be notified immediately. Your boat will be secured, covered or protected against any further damage as a result as soon as is practicable.


How it works

If you accept my quote and time slot for moving your boat I will contact you to arrange collecting your boat and keys (subject to having received the deposit). Whether we meet at your boat when I collect it ,when I deliver it , You leave the keys or post the keys (signed for delivery) is largely down to you and how it fits in with your circumstances at the time.

If you have any extra requirements I am happy to discuss these with you.